Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lecturer at Unikop

Above is my id as a academic staff at Unikop. I have been working there about a month. At first it was cool but then the challenge begin.............
The situation is quite teribble, where the student tell to their exlecturer (Hidayah) i'm replacing her place that, their (student) don't understand what i'm teaching.
Huh........ it about the report that carry 30% of their marks. The student seem to be lack of independant where they as me to tell one by one or like to be spoon feed. I ask them to search from internet but look like it not a good way of teaching kolej students.

I learn from my mistake. education line is really cool and relax it does not mean there is no job but not really demanding like my previous work in retalling area as Sales Manager.
However planning is important to be a good lecturer. i have to study first before teaching student in the class.

One more headache, student some student said they don't understand the example that i give for international business subject. "Or example is beyond our knowledge" of course they don't know because they don't read. The complaint i received from a week student. Mmmmmmmh....... it hard to cater the diffrent IQ. i will try to make everyone understand.

When i'm teaching, i remember those day when i used to be a student. If i can reverse back time i will be a good and active student in calss.

I like my job now and will develop it to be a professional career for a bright future ahead.

About the job offer at Dubai, i reject the offer. it tough actually for me to make this decision but i am waiting for another good offer as the salary the company offer is low.
im keen to work in Dubai, i do belief there will be other offer for me.
Just be patience.