Saturday, September 27, 2008

Raya Card from my student & little brother birthday.

Finally on the last day before long holiday for Hari Raya I received a Raya Card from my student. Are you guys reading my blog? I don’t know. The card I received from Shahirah my part 5 student taking Operation Management subject with me. I was really surprising received a card from student. However that is what I am waiting for. Hehehehehe. You can view the card. It is normal where everyone want to feel respected by somebody and of course in my situation I want a respect from my students. It is something where we can’t deny.
On 26 September was my little brother birthday, Kairudin where he is turning 20 years old now. Getting older, it really hard to understand a grow up teenager as they also have a conflict within themselves. I just wish he will have a great future ahead and achieve what he is aiming in his life. Currently he is studying at Kolej Komuniti doing Animation course for certificate level, hope he will further his study in diploma and degree. Just pray for his success.

Great cake, I purchase a blue berry cake from Secret Recipe, it was really fruity and delicious

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Students Mock Meeting (MGT 269)

Received two letters.

Wah today is a great and worst day for me. However I just want to share the great news. I received two letter today after checked my house mail box when reach home after office. One is personal letter and the other one is official letter. I received a “Kad Raya” from Nisa…….. Wah thanks Nisa sonnnnnnn…… you can view bellow. As all of you know, now is the technology era so it will be more convenient for us to send a raya wish just through sms or email that will be more interesting by adding animation features. However this traditional card has it own sentimental value that hard to describe. Nisa is my best friends during university day; she was an active person that time as busy with UiTM MPP (Student Council) and being a good practical buddy at MATRADE. At last I received this traditional card although his year I’m not sending any card to anyone…….. hehehehehehe

Then another letter is from UiTM, this is what I hardly waiting for, my interview for MBA at UiTM this 7 October. So I have to apply for a leave, but on that day I have an audit from UiTM. They want to check on our teaching style, personal portfolio and curse portfolio……… Mmmmmmmmmmh
It hard to decide but my future is most important. Go for a better future ahead beb……….
Actually im waiting a raya card from my student but look like none do so, maybe I just new there. Just only for a couple of month. "Never mind I deduct their marks " that is my favourites quote Just to make the student alert........... No heart break, it just enough they wish me “Selamat Hari Raya miss” at the end of my class and shake hand with me. That also show their respect to me.
Selamat hari raya to all my reader. (Do i have a reader????? Just wondering)
and my beloved students. Maaf zahir batin.................................
Keep on sending traditional kad raya to your friends, don't forget this tradition.

Monday, September 22, 2008

My best friend’s Wedding Invitation (Muma Love Jamry)

My best friend is getting married this coming October. I meet Muma last week and she gave her wedding invitation card. You can see her card and lovely picture of bride and groom on it. The weeding will take place next month on 10 October at her house Bandar Sri Damansara. She is my Manjalarian girl friends. So she will be the beginning story of married Manjalarian girl after Jasmin
Muma wedding invitation card.

The couple picture.
. Then who will be next?
Wah……… when will be my turn??????? Always wondering. Don’t worries my time will come just be patience. However Hari Raya is coming and of course I will get a favorites question. “When are you getting married?” Luckily my grandma will always there to protect me. “She still young it not the time yet”. Love my grandma; I am really grateful having her.
Talking about love………… I always try to ignore about it, but it seem really hard. My love life is still upside down and complicated. I have try my best to be a girl that he admire but look like I always being in the second place where his friend take the first place……………………..
Really make me frustrated…………….. I just want to be a girl that is being love by a guy sincerely and be the first place in his heart............................

Muma picture with me on the night she gave the card.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My RIDE that keep me Alive and MovING Forward.

In this entry I want to share about my ride…….. You have a RIDE? OR Do you drive beb? In today world I am sure most of you guy can drive the concept is same like sunnah where we are encourage to learn riding a horse but it would be wired if you ride a house in town. So all of us drive a car………………….
I got my license when I was 17 years old but my parents don’t allow me to drive as I m still studying during that time. (nanti kaki panjang beb). I just able to drive when I start doing my practical training and that was my last semester at university on 4th quarter of 2006. That is the time I get my ride until today. At first I just drive an old Red Proton Saga. As I m new in riding(driving) so it will be a best choice for me, in case of accident it will not cost that much but luckily until now I never involve in any accident. Then a year later I got my new ride, Proton Wira Special Edition maroon color on June 2007 until now this ride still with me. So I would like to share some picture of my ride with you.

Have you got any “saman”? I got twice on December 2007. I hate it…….. Both of the saman is Speed Track. Freely I give money to government but I take it as a hard lesson. That time I just got my new ride of course I want to test it power and performance…………………. Hehehehehehehehehe…….. I do the test drive at NKVE and MRR2 but it like a bad luck for me where I got the “saman” from this two place. However this is bad habit and dangerous please don’t try it, unless you are PRO enough and willing to pay “saman”. Some more Hari Raya is just around the corner. Your family miss you my friend and waiting for your safe arriving home. Drive carefully doesn’t make them receive you dead body home.
Talk about riding (driving) we lady of a new century must have this skill. It shows our level of independent. Please don’t depend on your boyfriend………… or your male family member………….

My first experience ride is also worst. I am really nervous, I remember on the 1st month I will be shaking because of nervous when driving even my passenger notice it what a shame. Even my mother doesn’t feel save when I m driving and ask to change place with me………. I got a hon from other driver but now I will hon them back. Hahahahahahahaha………. It all about experience that make us mature…………………..

Monday, September 15, 2008

My Students Assignment

Although now is a fasting month but student still have their class as normal and assignment to submit as due date. “I don’t care you have to submit your assignment by hook or by crook as due date” a lecturer tag line. However as a student it normal, where many problems occur and I have to be patient in facing it. If not I will easily get high blood pressure as I have to deal with 75 students just for this course. Imagine how I manage it; mean there are 75 students who have different problem. IT LOT AND MANY LIKE
THOUSAND S OF LEMON. Hehehehehehehe.
I would like to share my student of Kolej Unikop for the course of Business Communication 269 presentation. About a product that has unsatisfactory sales volume and how this student does their recommendation and presentation to increase the sale volume.
I schedule two day of presentation on Thursday and Friday by group that consist of five students in a group. First problem happen was to get the LCD, as the LCD at Academic Department is all broken down luckily I manage to borrow from the Marketing Department as I know the head of marketing. We use to come on the same day during the interview. Some more he is a guy Mr. Jamal so it easy for a girl to ask something from a guy. He is willing to lend me the LCD.
Then the presentation begins with part 4 on Thursday and part 3 on Friday. I only manage to get a several picture from the group present sorry for those who not in my blog. May be next time.

Students report and evaluation form.

I evaluate each group by the form above so it will be fair besides there was a black and white, they not simply get their mark. I can see the student effort from the presentation. Some give their 110% by make their presentation attractive, creative by being different from other, bring sample to class even provide a free sample for everyone. Show a video like interview and advertising on the product that they make on their own.

Cloth, i think all this students love to dress up.

I like the INDIE CLOTHING presentation as this group able to make audience laugh however their presentation takes a long time. Some GROUP just do a plain presentation. They act like they are smart but nothing “ zero”. BORING……………………………(Sape makan cili dia rasa pedas)

The Hell Boy group, they show some sence from Hell BOY II movie.

Sapida & the group with their product "Tempurung Kelapa"

In a presentation you have to be different from other to get a good mark.
Differentiate your group from other.
Give a specific example don’t take thing easy by assuming everyone already know.
Example. If you mention the price of your product is expensive. Please give the range of price.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Buka Puasa at MECC

We have been fasting for the past 11 days, wow the time is running quickly without we realized. On this evening I have been breaking fast ‘berbuka puasa’ with Dr Nor (My former boss at Think Plus Consulting), Mr. Mark and The Anak Raja (Ken). Hehehehehe berdaulat tau……………. And the organizer Miss Farah which is Dr Nor daughter and working there at MECC (Matrade Exhibition Convention Centre) organize by Angkagraft Sdn Bhd.

Quite a long time I don’t meet Farah since Akmal wedding day, miss her. She is a tough girl as we have been facing a really hectic time when organizing event at DOHA, Qatar on 2007. Chit-chat and makan-makan with Dr Nor and Mr. Ken. Getting a new idea from Dr Nor and sharing story with Mr. Ken and Farah…….
WOW……. We do gossip…….ops……. this is holy month……….
We have a buka puasa bufet at MECC Matrade Jalan Duta. This is the first year Angkagraft Sdn Bhd organizing Buka Puasa buffet so it likes an introductory stage or testing their power and still lot of improvement to be made. As there also provide a survey to improve their organizing skills.
I would like to share some picture with you. This is our table, directly view the stage.

Buffet of the day, I just snap a few. There is much other food besides main course >nasi and 15 choice of lauk, they also provide local kuih and local dessert like ABC

The place is cool and convenience where it near to surau and you can watch bulletin at 8pm on TV screen provided. There was a group of ghazal that sing a nice song that entertaining besides a cozy chair for business meeting or discussion.
The theme of MECC is Kampungku, I can see from the decoration of kampung house, sampan, using batik and kain pelikat as table cover.
Support the local organizer…………
Visit their website at

Even Ning Baizura does her WEDDING RECEPTION here.