Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pangkor: Induction Course cum Outing

Pangkor Jety

Taxi around Pangkor Island
On 14 until 25 of June I have been to Pangkor Island for induction course. This is compulsory induction course in order to confirm my position as an educator in Politeknik. This induction course is full of seminar and at the end we have to seat for final exam.I just take this induction course as a positive thing. Besides I have met other educator from other Politeknik and Kolej Komuniti that increase my networking.
Induction Course Class

The best part is I spend 12 days in Pangkor Island, when there is free time we went around the island and do some activity. View the picture.

Pangkor is a popular place for weekend traveler because it is easily reach from Kuala Lumpur, it will take you only 3 hours ++++++ . If you coming from Kuala Lumpur use the North South Highway then turn to Slim River exits. The journey begin by using the old road, you will pass Sungkai, Bidor, Teluk Intan, Sitiawan and finally Lumut. The view from Teluk Intan to Sitiawan is beautiful you will see the no end paddy field and coconut plantation farm. “I have see coconut tree before but this is first time in my life I see the coconut plantation farm” You must view this coconut plantation farm.At Lumut you can take a ferry to Pulau Pangkor it will takes you about 30 minutes and cost only RM10 include return so keep your ferry ticket save.

Then you will reach the Pangkor Island there are many taxi here that will cost only RM 5 per person to reach your accommodation. The best place to stay is at Teluk Nipah, as this place will easily reach your needs or facilities. There are many affordable accommodations at Teluk Nipah. A walk away to convenient store, food stalls and souvenirs shop. Even if you want to do beach activity it just a walk away, you can do snorkeling, kayaking, island hopping, banana boat or ride on Jet Ski. However if you want a peace place with less facilities you can choose Teluk Dalam.When I was at Pangkor my accommodation was at Pasir Bogak. These places have only a few choices of accommodation and less convenient facilities compare to Teluk Nipah.
Usually they will bring you to Pulau Giam for snorkeling and it will cost you RM150 a boat for island hopping and snorkeling to that island. If you do snorkeling they will rent to you RM5 for a goggle.Pulau Pangkor is small island you can go around the island within 30 minutes by renting a motorcycle, car or bicycle.
Come and visit Pangkor it is small island. 2 days one night would be enough for your stay here and really suitable for weekend outing. If you not driving you can take a bus direct from Puduraya to Lumut and you can walk to the jetty is only a couple of meters.
My accomodation cafe

My accomodation

Teluk Dalam Resort

Sunset view at Pangkor Island
i love the sea view it make me feel peace. every evening i do enjoy walking along the beach and feel the wind blowing slowly to my face.

water is my element no wonder i feel really calm here and has been inspired by the environment.....

Enjoy the Malaysia Island...............................
My explanation may not perfect or not update. The best things are you experience it yourself and use my story for some guide. Hope you will have a good time if you come to pangkor.View my picture…

Teluk Nipah Night Market

Teluk Dalam Live Band

Historical Place at Pangkor

Batu Bersurat

Island Hopping time

Sea Cucumber

Sea animal creature

Turtle rock

Colourful fish.... Finding Nemo

Ready for snorkeling

Crystal Clear water

note: price of souvenior and dry food product is more cheaper at Pangkor Island compare to Lumut.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dinner at Dusun Bay, Ulu Bernam

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yuna at Pangkor

She is one of the new artists in Malaysia, with the age of around 20’s and currently studying at UiTM in Law Faculty. She writes her own song and has a good potential to be great artists in future.I meet her at Pangkor Island yesterday while she having video shooting secession. View the picture and you can search her video "Dan Sebenarnya" at youtube.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Month of June

Hello…….This is the June…… This is a seminar and induction month. Early of this month I went for a week Quality Seminar held internally and the middle of this month I will be having outdoor induction at Pangkor for about two weeks besides having an exam……. Wish me luck for the induction…….Time is going really fast and we only have about two month before fasting month of Ramadan then Syawal after that we will leave 2009 and entering 2010…….. Our age will be adding another one number……. Hehehehe………………………..Use your time effectively……………… it will not come back………………………….