Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Muma & Jamry Johan Wedding on 10 October 2008

Finally my best friends Muma (24) already married to her heart choice Jamry Johan (33) last Friday on 10 October 2008, sorry for late entry in this blog. It Friday so it working day I’m come to her wedding after my class at Day Care Centre about 10pm as my class and her house is nearby. She is staying at Bandar Sri Damansara and the wedding ceremony that night is held at her house after “akad nikah”. Sorry I don’t have the picture as I come late. That night I meet some of my secondary girl friends or know by Manjalarian Girls. There were Vanessa, Yoke Ying, Fira, Jipa, Huda Marina and her couple. I stay until nearly 12 that night at her weeding day as I snap some picture and story time with my Menjalarian Girl Friends. Vanessa just come back from US about a month after finish her study in Business Admin and leaving her Sailorman boy friend’s in a far island alone missing her every day. Yoke Ying is working as a buyer in retailing line at Damansara Up Town. Fira is still doing her master in dietitian at UPM. Huda also still studying for degree in pharmacist at UiTM, she is complaining why I don’t meet her. “Sorry I am busy with my boyfriend”hehehehehehehe. Jipa still unemployment and become a DEO (Domestic Executive Officer). Marina already working and doing management in one of private company at Hartamas and that night she is coming with her fiance. So now everyone have their own path and already knows where their directions are. Best of luck and i wondering who wedding we will be attending next. Of course Marina then who????????? Muma, I just hope she will be a good wife and have a lovely and happy married life after this. Can’t hardly wait to see her cute baby. Just get marry where got suddenly give birth.
This is some picture during Muma wedding that I would like to share.
The couple room
Hantaran from both sides
Marina and her fiance.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Aidilfitri Celebration.

There are some picture I would like to share, I know it too late but we still in Syawal month. I am busy lately as too many datelines to be meet at work, some more just get back from a long holiday of raya. This is early in morning on 1st Syawal at my grandma house with my father, brother and sister. My mom is not around. Then we go “sembahyang raya” at the nearby mouse.

My grandma table.

Then this is what happens during all the day of hari raya. Visiting close relative is what we normally did on 1 Syawal . See the picture as it speaks louder than words.

This is where i celebrate my "Hari Raya"

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Homemade Aidilfitri Cookies

Cookies for Aidilfitri, I manage to do it with the help of my beloved little sister. Nowadays it is more convenience buying the Aidilfitri Cookies rather than make it on your own. As it required your time and patience to cook the cookies. This 2008 Aidilfitri I made the cookies after about a couple of years, last years I just buy the cookies as that time I still working at Carrefour on 2007 even more worst I have to work on Aidilfitri I only managed to get holiday on 6th Aidilfitri last year. Really terrible, but everything is change. This year I really enjoy my Aidilfitri as I have lot of time spend with my family and grandma at my village.
Of course first thing is buying all the ingredience for making the cookies. I went to Tesco buy all the ingredience; it was really convenience as Tesco provide one whole row of cookies ingredience. Just take what that suit your recipe and don’t forget to pay it.
See the picture above. Can you differentiate which one is oven or microwave?
Want to teats my cookies, come to my home. I have made “biskut gajus”, star cookies and “biskut sarang semut”. I feel satisfied as I have made it even my brother had finish the “biskut gajus” earlier before Aidilfitri what I show here is second round of making the cookies.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Going back to home town for Aidilfitri Celebration.

Today is 5th day of Syawal means already 5 days past, after one month of fasting now we can eat. Celebrating a winning day after fasting. Usually Aidilfitri or Hari Raya becomes a food festival where many foods will be serving. I would like to share the environment of my grandma house at Simpang Air Hitam, Batu Kikir, Negeri Sembilan. Full of green scene, I went back last Monday on 29 of September with my family to my mother house. My mother have 4 siblings and she the only girl, so at my grandma house was only our family the men family will usually come on 1st day of Hari Raya or afterword. So the house is peace as less noise from kids, but my grandma neighbor or her sister house at the back got many kids that make the situation more lively for raya.
This is the view of my grandma house. Malay Minang house that made from wood. Some of the picture is taken during rainy day. She lives alone, as she need more time for prayer and prefers a quiet environment.
The green view is really wonderful there is a feeling of peace when I look at it. Where we got here in Klang Valley this view, the coconut tree ,rambutan tree, river (the color have change because of mud) and corn farm near my nenek (grandma) house.

This is our tradition, make the house full of light with “pelita” from the picture you can see my brother and father make the pelita. It just simple we buy the pelita at Kuala Lumpur (now all is ready made) then put the “minyak tanah” (gas) inside and light it up. The light will be there as long as the gas is inside. The view of “pelita” with light at night is fabulous like leading a way for us in the dark.
Lot of credit to my litter brother Kairudin as he taking the picture for me.

Buka Puasa with several of ROTU Batch-24

Last Saturday on 27 September I go out with ROTU Batch-24, first we plan to “berbuka” at Café Ikea but unfortunately full house so we change the venue to MCD Mutiara Damansara just a walk away. We arrive at 6.30pm and it full house. The café is concurred by non-Muslim.
Miss you all, so who is coming on that day.
1. Me
2. Farah
3. Aishah & her couple
4. Mardiana & Jo
5. Tembakau @ Faidzul
6. Tax @ Syahril
7. Petai @ Nazmi
8. Tompel @????
9. Blangkong @ Shapiee
10. Kodiang (Batch 25)
It normal when meet good friends and buddies to share story about ongoing life and old memory during training. The guys are putting weight compare to old day where all are slim and have a six pack body. Lady also same, become balloon. One good news Farah is having her engagement this 28 December 2008 but I am wondering who that guy is. Is it Petai or somebody????? So we wait and see until the day come. Mardiana is still being a couple of Jo and planning to get married next year. Kak Aishah bring her boyfriend during that day, he is an army officer. So when are you getting married sis? I forget to ask on that day as she just berbuka then when shopping.
Then my friend from Carrefour came Syed, Daniel and Zanna.
After berbuka everyone is doing window shopping at the curve, that night seem to be too short. I go back at 10pm while all the guys went back at 12pm. I feel a bit of tired as I went out shopping that afternoon for Raya.
So see you again guys, miss all of you. Especially for those who not is coming. Never mind I belief there will be many activity going on this Syawal.