Thursday, September 25, 2008

Received two letters.

Wah today is a great and worst day for me. However I just want to share the great news. I received two letter today after checked my house mail box when reach home after office. One is personal letter and the other one is official letter. I received a “Kad Raya” from Nisa…….. Wah thanks Nisa sonnnnnnn…… you can view bellow. As all of you know, now is the technology era so it will be more convenient for us to send a raya wish just through sms or email that will be more interesting by adding animation features. However this traditional card has it own sentimental value that hard to describe. Nisa is my best friends during university day; she was an active person that time as busy with UiTM MPP (Student Council) and being a good practical buddy at MATRADE. At last I received this traditional card although his year I’m not sending any card to anyone…….. hehehehehehe

Then another letter is from UiTM, this is what I hardly waiting for, my interview for MBA at UiTM this 7 October. So I have to apply for a leave, but on that day I have an audit from UiTM. They want to check on our teaching style, personal portfolio and curse portfolio……… Mmmmmmmmmmh
It hard to decide but my future is most important. Go for a better future ahead beb……….
Actually im waiting a raya card from my student but look like none do so, maybe I just new there. Just only for a couple of month. "Never mind I deduct their marks " that is my favourites quote Just to make the student alert........... No heart break, it just enough they wish me “Selamat Hari Raya miss” at the end of my class and shake hand with me. That also show their respect to me.
Selamat hari raya to all my reader. (Do i have a reader????? Just wondering)
and my beloved students. Maaf zahir batin.................................
Keep on sending traditional kad raya to your friends, don't forget this tradition.

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