Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All start here

Rohaida @ Eda and Kamal (We are from the same department "Commerces"

There are many portfolios we have to involve besides teaching the student. During the convocation I have been assign to be committee of Convocation Preparation for hall. Besides the responsibility on convocation preparation we have an opportunity making new friends from different department. Most of the new friends are from Mechanical Department. We having a great time while doing the preparation based on check list and schedule. It is where I develop my circle of friends at Behrang. The begining already start..... Where it will end-up i also don't have any idea. Time will tell............. and i will always write for you...........

Boy, Eda, Akmal, Din, Hafis @Bulat and Kamal

Me and Eda...
She is my officemate besides being my housemate mean i meet her 24 hours in a day excluded sleep time. She is having a mission currently. tackle a guy from Mechanical Department..... he seem giving a positive feed-back. time will tell is them being a life partner.
i will update all of you. my lovely reader.

Bulat @ Hafis, he is really fun and makes us lough a lot although physically he is obesity.
Makes friends with all, don't judge a book by it cover until you know the person

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