Monday, May 4, 2009

Wishing blessing journey to my sister and family

Leaving Us

Anis, me, my lovely grandma and Hidayah

My sister Shima, beloved mother and Anis my cousin

Ahmads' grand daughter

Airport view



Last Saturday on 25th my little sister, grandma, uncle, auntie and cousin have been away to perform “umrah”. Allah is calling them to the land with full of blessing. I feel happy for them and wishing I will be there also. Time will tell. I just hope there will have a good time and can perform well in their prayer. Lastly bring back great experience.

That Friday I drove from Tanjung Malim then go to Shah Alam for a discussion as I having my final paper tomorrow at 9am. Then pick up my cousin Hidayah at UIA, Gombak and when to KLIA. We arrive at 12.30pm. My sister and group not yet arrive. At 1 am they arrive at KLIA. They check in when the clock nearly show 4am, I wait for them until saw the last face of my beloved grandma.

See my lovely cousin blog “Hidayah”

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