Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Really appreciate all of you guys

Last two weeks on Fridays when I just finish my work and want to go back home. I went to my car and press my car key to open the door. Unfortunately I can’t open my car door and the alarm sound is really low. Oh my GOD!!!! What happen?????? I check my car and then I realized that my car light is on. Mean my car battery is flat. I am really panic luckily Eda is with me. She comforts me. Fortunately another friend of mine, Affifah having the same problem this morning and our friend Kamal and Bulat will fix it this evening. They thought that Affifah car was parked at department parking. Actually it is located at her house. So it seem to be my lucky day, when I facing that problem all the guys already there. Luckily my car is manual so they try to push my car but it not working. Then they go and search for a jumper, unfortunately they can’t find any. So what do there do?????? They take a good condition battery and replace it with my flat battery. Then they start the car engine, it was working. After about 3 minutes they take out the battery and put back my flat battery while my car engine is still on. You can do this if you facing same situation with me. However this method could not be applied with car that has computerized system, it will destroy your system. (The alternator in your car will recharge your battery that makes the battery stay in good conditions). Hafis @ Bulat advice me to go direct to workshop and don’t stop my car engine as he afraid the same situation will happen again. Then I went direct to workshop that takes me about 15 minutes drive. The mechanic check my car battery condition with their device and luckily he said that my battery still in good condition and there is no need to change. Feel great, at least I don’t have to spend my money to buy new battery. As a precautious action I ask the workshop and mechanic phone number. In case I am facing the same situation. It was a big relief when my car is back to normal. Lastly I would like to give my special thanks to Hafis@Bulat, Amir, Kamal, Burhan, Boy and lastly my lovely friends Eda that have save my day. Thanks guys. When I facing a problem, I know my friends will always be by my side.

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