Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lekas Highway

Congest along highway. That is what we are facing during every festivals days. We pay for a toll but still have to face the congested. Even though the accident is minor it able to cause 10 km jammed that will make us stuck in it for hour. The situation will be worst if the passengers are kid, it will turn up into terrible journey. However there is good news for those who travel to Seremban, Kuala Pilah, Muazam Shah or Rompin. Instead of using Plus Highway from Sg.Besi to Seremban you can use another alternative Lekas Highway. This highway will link you from Kajang to Mantin (Seremban). That cost about RM4.00 .
Access to Lekas Highway required you to use Grand Saga Highway at Cheras where you need to pay for two toll that will cost you RM2.00 both , from there you can drive your car straight on until Kajang Perdana. Then you can easily see the signboard of Lekas Highway.
I used this highway for my “balik kampung” journey. There are only a few vehicles use this highway and you can count it while driving. The choice is in your hand, what you need to do is just turn you’re steering.
Lekas is Negeri Sembilan wording that mean fast @ cepat.

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