Sunday, September 6, 2009

Life still go on and I belief the rainbow will come out.

Yeah. I believe that my life will be better in the future. It doesn’t mean I don’t like my life now but I need more. Human will never satisfy and same goes to me but I appreciate what Allah has given to me. There is nothing interesting happen to me. All is normal where I meet my obligation as a lecturer at Politeknik and undergo my postgraduate class. This is my second semester teaching at Politeknik, I have adjusted myself well to the situation and environment. Teaching!!!!! I can handle it well, even the students gets lot of advantages from me. Sharing the knowledge is important, what I learn in my postgraduate class I will share it with the students. The way I am teaching also different sometimes I copy the way my lecturer at postgraduate class teaching. It really help me where it unable the students to think outside the box and be more creative.Assignments and test for my postgraduate required me to scarify a lot in term of time especially sleeping. Nowadays I sleep less. I have to comply with the due date and this coming Sunday will be my final paper for finance subject. Mean less sleep and I will take off day to study. I can’t study alone, usually I will do study group with my classmate. It really helps us. The way of study is really different from undergraduate days compare to postgraduate. We do lot of discussion and what is the most important thing is group work. Experience will teach us and make us be a better person.Lastly wish me luck for my final paper this coming Sunday.
Thanks for your support my friends. Hope your good deed will be blessing by Allah for this Ramadan.

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