Monday, January 11, 2010


My postgraduate class had started last Saturday. It means I will be busy again with assignment and commitment as a student. However it not start as smooth as that, my friends come to my place so I have to entertain him, that make me came late for class about 45 minutes, but I still manage to attend my class that have remaining time of 3 hours 15 minutes.
As a part time student coming late is not a big issue for lecturer compare to full time student. However this is not a good sign. I don’t want my concentration being distracted by unnecessary things. Unfortunately things are beyond our control, what I can do is praying to Allah.

“Please give the best in my life and make an easy way for me in making choice in my life”

On the other hand, I have successful secure project with SAG team. Signing contract ceremony will be held this Wednesday night. “Everything should be in black and white “. I hope things will run smooth as plan.


  1. rahimy, saya nak kasik award kat awak, beautiful blogger ;) silala amik ye..;)