Thursday, September 11, 2008

Buka Puasa at MECC

We have been fasting for the past 11 days, wow the time is running quickly without we realized. On this evening I have been breaking fast ‘berbuka puasa’ with Dr Nor (My former boss at Think Plus Consulting), Mr. Mark and The Anak Raja (Ken). Hehehehehe berdaulat tau……………. And the organizer Miss Farah which is Dr Nor daughter and working there at MECC (Matrade Exhibition Convention Centre) organize by Angkagraft Sdn Bhd.

Quite a long time I don’t meet Farah since Akmal wedding day, miss her. She is a tough girl as we have been facing a really hectic time when organizing event at DOHA, Qatar on 2007. Chit-chat and makan-makan with Dr Nor and Mr. Ken. Getting a new idea from Dr Nor and sharing story with Mr. Ken and Farah…….
WOW……. We do gossip…….ops……. this is holy month……….
We have a buka puasa bufet at MECC Matrade Jalan Duta. This is the first year Angkagraft Sdn Bhd organizing Buka Puasa buffet so it likes an introductory stage or testing their power and still lot of improvement to be made. As there also provide a survey to improve their organizing skills.
I would like to share some picture with you. This is our table, directly view the stage.

Buffet of the day, I just snap a few. There is much other food besides main course >nasi and 15 choice of lauk, they also provide local kuih and local dessert like ABC

The place is cool and convenience where it near to surau and you can watch bulletin at 8pm on TV screen provided. There was a group of ghazal that sing a nice song that entertaining besides a cozy chair for business meeting or discussion.
The theme of MECC is Kampungku, I can see from the decoration of kampung house, sampan, using batik and kain pelikat as table cover.
Support the local organizer…………
Visit their website at

Even Ning Baizura does her WEDDING RECEPTION here.

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