Sunday, September 21, 2008

My RIDE that keep me Alive and MovING Forward.

In this entry I want to share about my ride…….. You have a RIDE? OR Do you drive beb? In today world I am sure most of you guy can drive the concept is same like sunnah where we are encourage to learn riding a horse but it would be wired if you ride a house in town. So all of us drive a car………………….
I got my license when I was 17 years old but my parents don’t allow me to drive as I m still studying during that time. (nanti kaki panjang beb). I just able to drive when I start doing my practical training and that was my last semester at university on 4th quarter of 2006. That is the time I get my ride until today. At first I just drive an old Red Proton Saga. As I m new in riding(driving) so it will be a best choice for me, in case of accident it will not cost that much but luckily until now I never involve in any accident. Then a year later I got my new ride, Proton Wira Special Edition maroon color on June 2007 until now this ride still with me. So I would like to share some picture of my ride with you.

Have you got any “saman”? I got twice on December 2007. I hate it…….. Both of the saman is Speed Track. Freely I give money to government but I take it as a hard lesson. That time I just got my new ride of course I want to test it power and performance…………………. Hehehehehehehehehe…….. I do the test drive at NKVE and MRR2 but it like a bad luck for me where I got the “saman” from this two place. However this is bad habit and dangerous please don’t try it, unless you are PRO enough and willing to pay “saman”. Some more Hari Raya is just around the corner. Your family miss you my friend and waiting for your safe arriving home. Drive carefully doesn’t make them receive you dead body home.
Talk about riding (driving) we lady of a new century must have this skill. It shows our level of independent. Please don’t depend on your boyfriend………… or your male family member………….

My first experience ride is also worst. I am really nervous, I remember on the 1st month I will be shaking because of nervous when driving even my passenger notice it what a shame. Even my mother doesn’t feel save when I m driving and ask to change place with me………. I got a hon from other driver but now I will hon them back. Hahahahahahahaha………. It all about experience that make us mature…………………..

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