Saturday, September 27, 2008

Raya Card from my student & little brother birthday.

Finally on the last day before long holiday for Hari Raya I received a Raya Card from my student. Are you guys reading my blog? I don’t know. The card I received from Shahirah my part 5 student taking Operation Management subject with me. I was really surprising received a card from student. However that is what I am waiting for. Hehehehehe. You can view the card. It is normal where everyone want to feel respected by somebody and of course in my situation I want a respect from my students. It is something where we can’t deny.
On 26 September was my little brother birthday, Kairudin where he is turning 20 years old now. Getting older, it really hard to understand a grow up teenager as they also have a conflict within themselves. I just wish he will have a great future ahead and achieve what he is aiming in his life. Currently he is studying at Kolej Komuniti doing Animation course for certificate level, hope he will further his study in diploma and degree. Just pray for his success.

Great cake, I purchase a blue berry cake from Secret Recipe, it was really fruity and delicious

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