Sunday, October 5, 2008

Buka Puasa with several of ROTU Batch-24

Last Saturday on 27 September I go out with ROTU Batch-24, first we plan to “berbuka” at Café Ikea but unfortunately full house so we change the venue to MCD Mutiara Damansara just a walk away. We arrive at 6.30pm and it full house. The café is concurred by non-Muslim.
Miss you all, so who is coming on that day.
1. Me
2. Farah
3. Aishah & her couple
4. Mardiana & Jo
5. Tembakau @ Faidzul
6. Tax @ Syahril
7. Petai @ Nazmi
8. Tompel @????
9. Blangkong @ Shapiee
10. Kodiang (Batch 25)
It normal when meet good friends and buddies to share story about ongoing life and old memory during training. The guys are putting weight compare to old day where all are slim and have a six pack body. Lady also same, become balloon. One good news Farah is having her engagement this 28 December 2008 but I am wondering who that guy is. Is it Petai or somebody????? So we wait and see until the day come. Mardiana is still being a couple of Jo and planning to get married next year. Kak Aishah bring her boyfriend during that day, he is an army officer. So when are you getting married sis? I forget to ask on that day as she just berbuka then when shopping.
Then my friend from Carrefour came Syed, Daniel and Zanna.
After berbuka everyone is doing window shopping at the curve, that night seem to be too short. I go back at 10pm while all the guys went back at 12pm. I feel a bit of tired as I went out shopping that afternoon for Raya.
So see you again guys, miss all of you. Especially for those who not is coming. Never mind I belief there will be many activity going on this Syawal.

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