Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Homemade Aidilfitri Cookies

Cookies for Aidilfitri, I manage to do it with the help of my beloved little sister. Nowadays it is more convenience buying the Aidilfitri Cookies rather than make it on your own. As it required your time and patience to cook the cookies. This 2008 Aidilfitri I made the cookies after about a couple of years, last years I just buy the cookies as that time I still working at Carrefour on 2007 even more worst I have to work on Aidilfitri I only managed to get holiday on 6th Aidilfitri last year. Really terrible, but everything is change. This year I really enjoy my Aidilfitri as I have lot of time spend with my family and grandma at my village.
Of course first thing is buying all the ingredience for making the cookies. I went to Tesco buy all the ingredience; it was really convenience as Tesco provide one whole row of cookies ingredience. Just take what that suit your recipe and don’t forget to pay it.
See the picture above. Can you differentiate which one is oven or microwave?
Want to teats my cookies, come to my home. I have made “biskut gajus”, star cookies and “biskut sarang semut”. I feel satisfied as I have made it even my brother had finish the “biskut gajus” earlier before Aidilfitri what I show here is second round of making the cookies.

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