Saturday, November 1, 2008

Faces of my friends on Syawal

New months of November, we must looking forwards in our life. Past story will become history and this history that will be continuously hunting our life. That why we must have a good foundation of life in order to make a great future ahead. Everyone have their own way in building the foundation to success in life. Continue with your way as long as you having aiming to achieve at the end of the day. “We have to plan in life, if we are not planning any, maybe you are planning to fail”.
Friendship is important in our life that is what keeps us moving. We need their support in many ways and in many areas, maybe at work place it all depends how you would like them to be benefited in your life. However one thing for sure we can’t live alone in this world. We need a company or a life partner. It all depends on your intention in life. Last Syawal I meet my friends, as this is a good months for gathering. I would like to share you the faces of my friends, however this picture is not cover all my friends’ just part of it. Love all of you as we have sweet and sad memory together. I just hope all of my friends will have a bright future ahead; most of them are just at their mid 20. Still long time to go.

Suzi and Topoi treats us at KFC Plaza Masalam for their birthday on October
Cik wife and his son. First person getting married in out ROTU 24 BATCH


The cake for birthday boy and girl

Suzi, Lela, Mardiana and me
Me and my friends of ROTU BATCH 24
Hari Raya at Safarina house, Pojie, Me, xx, Safarina & Atiq
With 2 guys Tompel & Pekan

Foods at Safarina House

Puan Ilham and her son. He is so cute.
All are ROTU BATCH 24 faces
Awal helping his beloved girlfriend Safarina cutting the watermelon
Went to Dr Azziyati (AT) house with Jipa, my Manjalarian Girlfriend.
Jipa and Dr AT, now AT is working at Hospital Ipoh
Her house at Kolej 12 University Malaya as her father become "Pengetua for Kolej 12"

We are Manjalarian Girls.

The Carrefour Manager with me. Shah, me, Daniel, xx & Syed.They are good leader as put words in to action.
With Zanna the Grocery Manager for Carrefour Kepong
Nizam my student at Unikop, he is older than me. It tough actually to handle a aged student but he do respect me
Me and my students
Foods of the day
My International Business subject> students.
My mother and cousin> Hidayah & Anis

Mardiana & Jo..... When you want to get marry????? They have been a couple since
university day at 2002.

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