Monday, November 3, 2008

When someone dump you.

Heart break, this is the first thing that we will encounter. Feeling really hurt. Only GOD knows how we feel it. Want to cry but what for, he already leave. Want to kill yourself, oh no that not the best solution. It is not the end of your life. It normal to experience this, it will make you more matured in life. There will always be a reason why this type of hurt break situation happens to us. May be both of us are not mean together, so better withdraw now then continue it. It really hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But have to face it with open heart and look forward for your future ahead. There will be someone over there that is waiting for you. 100% I am correct; there is still someone nearby you that will offer his shoulder. Pamper you and say “What wrong girl, I am here. Don’t cry”.
When this situation happen it will make us be more cautious in searching a life partner @ boyfriend @ couple @ future husband anything that suit you. Girls mature early than guy, that what make us put hope to much in a relationship compare to guy that still think I don’t want commitment. “I need my friends more”.
However, may be GOD want us to learn something from other person, that why it happen we being his couple only for a short while. Surely we have learn something from that relationship by knowing a person closely where we learn his character and pretend to being really understanding but it actually fake. Really appreciate the time when we used to be together and feel grateful knowing you. As every person is unique, there is no one can replace you.
LOVE, we need it in our life. I can’t deny it as LOVE will complete our life and make us naturally motivated where sometimes the motivation level can be at 9 over 10. I am still wondering who is my LOVE @ life partner, may be it not the time yet. Just wait and see, also pray hard to GOD.

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