Monday, November 17, 2008

Slightly become a terrible accident.

On my way back from work I have involve in accident. Fortunately it was not my mistake. I using MRR2 road and I am speeding using the 1st lane, then suddenly the front car break. So do I, I want to turn on left to 2nd lane but cannot because there was a motorbike. Then with in minutes one car hit my back. I felt really shock and nervous. “Oh my GOD”. Automatically I go out from my car and see what happen. Oh no my car ass have been kissed by a RED WIRA drove by a Chinese man at the late 40’s. “Sorry, I admit it is my mistake” said the Apek who also go out when he saw me. Pity my car; this is first time I involve in accident. Then I drive my car to the road side as has been advice by a police car that suddenly comes across the incident but they did not stop. Then with in minute’s one Chinese man come. He is a guy from the workshop. Busy promoting his service and call his friends from walkie talkie to tow the RED WIRA. Fortunately my car still in good condition just the ass had damage and ezos had been bend down a bit. The RED WIRA was really in a big damage, the front side is bend and look like there was a leaking at the engine area. Quickly I call my father, tell him what happen. 1st time involves in accident as a lady of course the feeling of nervous is there and there are many Chinese guy around me.
My advice when you involve in accident as a ladies.
1.Check what happen.
2.Drive you car to the road side, don’t block the traffic.
3.Call you father (Someone that you can count on) tell what happen. May be you can ask him to come to the incident place as a company for you.
4.Carry your handbag with you.
5.Off your car engine and hold your car key but let the emergency signal on.
6.Take the victim car plate no.
7.His hand phone no
8. His ic (Identity card number)
9.What car insurance he uses.
10.Then report to the police
My advice is driving carefully my dear friends, it hard to predict when we will be involved in accident. Just pray to the GOD to avoid this type of incident happen to us. Hope I will never involve again in accident in my life. Ensure your car is in a good condition and drive safely.

Picture of my car ASS that have been kissed, it not that terrible but it cost RM1K+++, all is cover under the RED WIRA insurance

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