Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weddings Invitation

School holidays had start on last 15 November, many couple takes this opportunity to do their wedding ceremony or “walimatul urus”. I received quite a number of wedding invitation card. Congratulation to this entire couple below.
1. Husna & Azlan (15 November 2008)
2. Shasha & Zam (16 November 2008)
3. Nini & Lokman (16 November 2008)
4. Faizal & Nurul (21 December 2008)
Look like everyone getting married. Wow……… wondering when will be my turn. Wait and see there will be a time for it. No need to rush I am still at the middle of 20’s. It not a big deal, normal seeing ladies nowadays getting marry late. Nothing to be shame. You must walk confidently don’t bother about aged people that always ask “When are you getting married?” I hate that question and always try to avoid answer it. It not the perfect time to ask about it.
There is lot in life that I am not yet achieve it. It takes time and I can see, the goal in my life will be achieve.
Last weekend I have successfully attend the wedding invitation Husna & Azlan (15 November 2008) “This is my ROTU friends sister wedding, Jijah Golek at Rawang”. On that day only ladies available me, Farah, Suzi, Azie and Mardiana. All of us stay along the MRR2 highway road that why it is convenience for us to go to Rawang.
Shasha & Zam (16 November 2008) “My senior ROTU wedding Shasha. Since she is my father officemate so my father is also coming along at Batu Caves area for her wedding. Senior already married so next year will be junior time. Who will be on the list 1st, if I not mistaken the flow will be
1. Ommmmmh.
2. Tenuk
3. Kamariah
5. Atoi
See…………………….. Already 6 wedding will confirm for the year of 2009 just from my ROTU friends. It is a good sign where everyone is getting married, feel happy toooooo but still feel a bit of terrible.
“My friends are getting married when is my turn” it is a silent pressure. Take it easy.
Nothing wrong of being single. It is freedom.
There are some pictures that I take during the wedding. Enjoy it.

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