Thursday, January 8, 2009

Postgraduate Induction at Eco Dusun Resort.

Last weekend I have been to Eco Dusun Resort at 58 km Bentong, Pahang the place is located near to Bentong but not yet reach Bentong. I have been there for 2 days one night because of induction for my postgraduate. I have started my master class and this is my second week. The best part of this induction is I don’t know anyone, same for those who attend this induction. All of us just meet during class hour for only 2 classes and my classmate who attends the induction is only 6 people out of 15. There are about 60 person join the induction and most of them from Executive Master in Business Administration where all of them have been working for more than 5 years.
There is something wrong with Malaysia education system, the rate of gender is not balance. Percentage of gender on the induction is 70% female and 30% male. I think the man have to make the comeback in education. Or female will be the main domination in our higher level of education institution. Then refer to the age, most of the man who join master program is already married and has a stable level of income, while for ladies most of them are still young and just at their early 20’s and middle of 20’s.
This induction is really fun and relaxing without any pressure, they treat us professionally. We are all adult so, just give the instruction we will follow. There no need for trainer to screaming or scolding. On the first day we do the abseiling, I have been doing this for couple of time however I get an opportunity to do the spider style for the first time. Really enjoy it. Then at night we are having a classroom activity, not a motivation session but more to group activity that make us knowing other participant. It finish at 11.30pm, because of so tired I have a good sleep that night.
Next morning we having exercise and go for jungle trekking for 1 hour I think it has been a long time I never get sweating like this, then after the morning tea we have been ask to make the “rakit” from bamboo. We gather first to hear the instruction, then the process start. My group is really fantastic we build a tough “rakit”. We use it for three rounds and the structure is still maintained.
Finally the induction has come to the end and we go back to Kuala Lumpur at 3 pm that evening. I get many thing from this induction like knowing new friends, especially those guys who have been working more than 5 years, they are really fun although already have a children. I am sure their children and wife will be surprise if seeing them like this. We sharing our idea on study and work besides get to know other person background. Make good co-operation, even we just know each other but we communicate like we have been know that person for a long time.
Some people may think that induction is really boring, but most of the participant is from group of people who have been working that contribute to 60% while those another 40% is full time student. People give more commitment when they get matured.

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