Friday, February 27, 2009

Accident on my way to Postgraduate class

Unfortunately last Wednesday I have involve in accident at Guthrie Highway. The accident that I created on my own. I rush for my class at Shah Alam from Tanjung Malim, the road is a bit slippery because the rain has just finish. I drive my car a bit fast, and then I loose my control. The witness of incident said my car twist twice and stops by blocking the highway that happens on 5.55pm. Luckily no car hit me, as all the car is still far behind. I am really panics and nervous, my body is shaking. Luckily 3 men’s that drive a Hilux help me. Thanks GOD there are good man. I just fine and nothing happen to me, just my car is damage on it body and the engine is still in a good condition. In that situation I can’t drive, one of the men drives my car and sends me to UiTM, while his friends follow from the back. I really thankful to the guy who helps me. I just make myself relax and taking a deep breath. I message my sister on what had happen to me and go for my Economy class. Then 9.30pm I call my dad and tell him what happen. He is nagging at me. That night I when back to my parents house at KL. Again my parents nagging at me. What can I do is just listen, next morning I take emergency leave and settle my car by sending it to workshop. I not make any police report as it was my mistake, I don’t want to get a “saman” and pay high for my next year car insurance policy.
This is a good reminder for me to drive slow and steady. No rush. This is just a challenge for me to finish my postgraduate study. Keep on strong.


  1. be careful when u drive while raining. Mechanical fault is beyond our control

  2. yeah... I've heard about the accident..
    thank GOD nothing serious happened to you...
    next time better be careful huhu...