Sunday, February 15, 2009

My work

I just love what I am doing

A bit tiring but I feel satisfied when ever I finish my classand in my mind I always think of a method to make my teaching delivering more effective and creative.Any want can help me with that?Share your experience.
Being new in this new work environment is really challenging. The senior assign me for duties that not related to my main responsibility here (teaching and lecturing).The effect is on my student, sometimes I less prepared for the class because of other duties.However I always set my priority, whenever my class is most important I refuse to do the job assign. Working in government I have to play with EQ and psychology besides make myself being a humble person. Lastly I hope I will get 100% success for the entire subject that I teach without failure.


  1. It will take time 4 u 2 get d tune, not every 1 will use d same method. It's all depend on d situation, experience & ability. Be a bit patient, dun push so hard. Remember; "no man can bring about a quick fix". 4 sure u will find a better way, perhaps d best may b. Gud luck little sis!!

  2. thanks big bro..... i hope i can give my best