Thursday, May 21, 2009

BBQ Dinner with my Electrical Student's

My invitation card

Yesterday, I am attending BBQ dinner held by my Electrical student final semester. I teaching them Entrepreneurship subject. The invitation comes with package, as my housemates and my close friends also join me for the BBQ Dinner. The BBQ start at 9pm but look like we come early. They not yet ready. Just spend the time around taking picture and having a chit-chat with my student. They make me laugh a lot that night. My student is being really busy asking. How old I am? Look like we don’t have a big different. Even some of them are at my age. I enjoy teaching their class as them participate actively in class. This week is an exam week until the end of this month. So I would like to wish best of luck to my entire student. I do belief they can do well for their final paper. I wish there will be no failure for subject that I teach. I hope they will be somebody in the future.

The BBQ start

Faces of my student

Me and Eda

Azie, Nurul and Zetty (My colleague)

Eda and me

Chicken on fire

With my student

With my student

A gift from my student

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  1. Salam..

    Bestnya dapat tgk gambar2 CH.. tengokj bunga2 segar tuih aman rasa hati.. hehe wish i have a time to visit CH..

    la apsal pi kejap sangat.. amik la motel ke hotel ke kat situ.. rate reasonable kot.. kongsi 5 org lagik.. hehe