Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cameroon Highland Trip


Tea Plantation View

Last weekend we (I and my colleague) having a day Cameroon Highland trip. We just plan it 2 or 3 days before. However we really have a great time. We start our journey from Tanjung Malim at 6.45am, early in the morning. Drive my car as it perfectly fit five of us. Then we stop at Shell station to fill up my car tank with petrol until full and bump the air for tires. We take the Plus Highway by entering Slim River and exit to Tapah that cost RM6.50. We use the Tapah road to Cameroon Highland and it takes me 120KM until we reach the top. The Tapah road is narrow and have many turning that make my friends Nurul vomit twice in the car, luckily we already stand-by plastic bag. That makes less vehicle use this road. On our way we stop at Lata Iskandar Waterfall. The waterfall is beautiful however it is not a perfect place for picnic. We reach Cameroon Highland about 10 am. Stop for a while for a ladies at Coffee Shop at the road side with Tea Plantation view. Then we start at Mardi. The garden is beautiful and will not let you down. See the picture. It nearly lunch hour so we having our lunch at Marry Brown Tanah Rata besides walk around the small town.

We went at KHM near Taman Sedia. This is a house but they owner make a small shop and plant a strawberry. We having our strawberry ais-cream here buy dried and jams strawberry. The taste of ais-cream is different compare to what we always buy at hypermarket. You should try it, and then only you will know. The owner is Malay so we feel no doubt about the product sell, all are home made.

Then we were heading to Boh Tea Plantation. At this area the view is perfectly beautiful. However it quite challenging to go to the plantation because the road is really narrow and only fit one car besides many corner and turning that disable us to see the front car. So in order to avoid accident I will always honk my car whenever we reach the corner and turning. It was really fun driving and always honk… On the way the Boh Tea Plantation my car is lead and on the way back also same. We spend a long time at Boh Plantation to enjoying the beautiful view and visit the Boh factory.

It is 2 pm and we went to Kea Farm, this is wet market area where you can buy vegetables and strawberry at cheap price besides there are many other souvenirs that you can buy for your friends. I buy the BBQ Corn, huh the taste is marvelous it different from the corn that I always buy at night market. I really admire see the old jip that the farmer use to carry their vegetable. I wish I can have a ride on it…… but it only wish…………………………We went down at 4 pm and use the Simpang Pulai road as we heading to Ipoh. This road is wide and many vehicles use it. It was really tiring trip because I drive all over the way. When we reach Ipoh me already flat and my friend, Nurul take turn driving, I would like to advice you stay a night at Cameroon Highland. It would be better. Enjoy the picture……………………..
Nurul, Eda, Zura and Me

Mardi Ticket, we get student price

Cocolate Strawberry

Kea Farm, Wet Market

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