Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sisters go to work on Friday morning.

This picture was taken on last Friday before both of us going to work. There are two mode of different transportation but we have one thing in common where both of us use personal transportation. That contributes congestion on the road. It hard to do a car poll as our work destination is different. I am at Batu Caves area while my sister is at Mid Valley area. There will be no solution for car poll. So we, who are metropolitan population in Klang Valley have to face the fact that the road is not smooth before going to work. Either you like it or not, you have to face it. As you are parts of it.
This then same goes to our everyday life. There will be no smooth journey; you have to face the congestion. In life you have to be patience, make sure that every morning when you wake-up you feel happy and ready to go work. If you are feeling lazy and don’t want to go to work it is a sign you don’t like your job. May be you need to change your job. I have felt it before when I used to work with Carrefour; I make an action and change my work from retailing field to education field. Change is need in our life; go out of your comfort zone. Always challenge your life in order to get a good future ahead.
Love what you are doing every day, in order to get love you have to spread love. Love is not on different sex but also for a same sex as friends and colleague. What you give you will get back, so make sure you give something that benefited to get a good return.

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