Saturday, January 31, 2009

1st Step teaching at Politeknik (Malaysia technical institution) has started.

Last Wednesday I start my career path at Politeknik Sultan Azlan Shah, Behrang, Tanjung Malim Perak. It was my second day actually at Politeknik. All is new for me here so my adrenaline is stimulating lot in my blood, my heart beat is fast. Imagine my feeling during that time, that morning I drive from Kuala Lumpur to Behrang that takes me about 45minutes for 75km distance journey and I arrive about 10minutes before 8am. I punch my card and went to my place where they have allocated me. Actually the management already give me my time table a week before, however suddenly one man pass me a new time table. Oh my GOD, I have class today at 2.15 pm Entrepreneurship subject for last semester student from Diploma in Electrical. Another headache, as a last semester student of course their expectation from me is high. I just know it today that I have to teach that subject. Quickly I go and search for a lecturer who teach same subject. Luckily someone introduce me to her. She lends me her syllabus and reference book. So before I enter the class I study first and make some preparation.Another shocking episode for me, when I am enter the class. 80% of the student is male, wow. I used to teach 80% of female student in a class during at Unikop. I am really nervous actually but I just stand in front of the class confidently. Introduce my name, education background and work experience. I am the lecturer here so, I set my rule. ……………………………........ Rule number 1: Always respect the lecturer …………………................. Rule number 2: If you don’t like the lecturer follow rule number 1. …........................................ “You have to come early before I come to the class, if you come after me it show that you not respecting me”.........................“Your assessment mark is in my hand, if you think you want to score a high mark, attend my class”Then I let the student introduce their self. This session really make me frustrated, although they are last semester student, it look like they don’t know where they are heading too in life. No wonder the number of unemployment graduate still high in Malaysia. As politeknik also contribute to this number. Let me take this as a challenge and bring awareness in their life to become ambitious. Then I start teaching, at first I don’t get a good respond from class. The class is silent no one dare to speak and answer my question. Oh, this is not the way I want, fortunately slowly the class pick up with my style of teaching. Look like all this male student participates actively as I relate why I teach in their daily life. From my experience in education field I found out that female student is really shy to talk or give opinion in the class although most of the student is female. They will take time, only when they feel comfortable with the lecture then only they dare to speak in class. I finish that class with a relief feeling. The journey of teaching in Politeknik has started; there will be no turning back. I have start the 1st step there will be a long path to go. Wish me luck.


  1. gud luck puan... =)
    nt sy blajar dr puan lak cmne nak blaja.. x terpikir pon nak jd lecturer nie..
    tp try je laa..

  2. good luck!!
    hahha kita dlm profesion y sama!
    but in different condition of student!!nanti baca la aku citer pasal anak buah aku yang sangat terjal n nakal tapi bersemangat..