Friday, January 23, 2009

My fulltime work is a lecturer but I am also a part time student.

Sound confusing but that is the reality, during day time I am working as lecturer. Teaching the future leader of tomorrow to be someone that will contribute for our country. Then on the evening I will change my status by being a student. Twist my position, right now I am pursing my postgraduate study in Master in Business Administration (MBA) at University Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Shah Alam in part time mode that will take me 2 and half year to finish that is expected on the second half of 2011 by the time I reach 27. This semester I am taking three subjects. Pursuing MBA is a ticket for me to move further in education line, besides I can share my knowledge to my student. Being a lecturer is not only teaching a student base on syllabus and ensures they will score good mark for that subject. It involves guidance to the student how to enter the real life out there. Open up their mind on what are happening now especially current affairs. I belief in two way communication for my class. My work is a priority however I also have to be a smart student, getting a good result is my aiming as we in Malaysia still practicing result oriented. I will try my best to get an excellent result. Time will tell how I will be performing for my postgraduate study.


  1. good luck cek emmy tewww.. salammmz dr me dikejauhannns..

  2. thanks for your wish. hope all of us will always get what we aim in life